Bigfoot Sighting: New Video Starts Debate

‘Yeti’ sightings are on the rise in Russia

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Forensic Expert Says Bigfoot Is Real!

Les Stroud’s Bigfoot Encounter

Survivorman, Les Stroud was interviewed on KZOZ by Jeff and Jeremy. Jeremy brought up his favorite subject of Sasquatch which we thought was a ridiculous question, surprisingly, Les brought up an extremely intriguing story that gave us the chills about a possible Sasquatch experience. That’s right, Les Stroud believes in Bigfoot!

BREAKING Bigfoot News!

Homeless man living in woods near Minneapolis, MN encounters Bigfoot at Night.

December 12,2012

Minneapolis, MN   This is a story right out of a Hollywood film, yet it is supposedly 100% true. A homeless man, living in a remote forest, near the city of Minneapolis, MN says he encountered what he called Bigfoot, several nights ago.

“I heard something moving around outside my small homemade tent, as I poked my head out to investigate, I saw him!” The homeless man’s name is Jim, and he swears up and down that what he saw is really Bigfoot. “He was so big, like maybe 8 feet tall”, Jim said.“I was not really scared, but was just amazed at the size of him.” Jim said the one thing he will never forget was Bigfoot’s eyes. “They were not friendly”, Jim said.

Because it was dark, Jim told us he could not make out the face very well, but did see thick hair, glimmering in the moonlight. He also mentioned that he really stunk, like an old wet dog.

We will be posting the video interview with Jim in the next few days. His story is really convincing, however, what made Bigfoot decide to hang around in the suburbs outside Minneapolis, is still a mystery.

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